A suite inspired by the Central Texas landmark known as Enchanted Rock, “Monolith” is the latest project by composer Justin Sherburn and his Montopolis Chamber Ensemble.  Modern classical compositions for string trio, pedal steel, and piano evoke the sheer mass and magnificence of the southwestern landscape.  Western themes are slowed to a geologic tempo and wrapped in layers of slowly morphing harmony, paying homage to the mythological and the sacred. Interviews with Austinites revealed a treasure trove of stories about the rock, from personal accounts to native american legends.  These recorded stories are woven into the compositions and complete this sonic tribute to the mysterious granite dome.  The premier on February 28 at the North Door will feature a projected photo essay by photographer Leon Alesi and a presentation by hydrogeologist Rebecca Smyth.     
Upcoming Performances

Feb  6           Full ensemble preview of Monolith at Blackerby Recital Hall (free) 
Feb  28         Premiere of Monolith featuring projected photo essay by Leon Alesi, North Door Venue  BUY TICKETS HERE

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.  This production has been generously funded by The Creative Fund's Q Rental Subsidy Grant program. The Creative Fund is a funding mechanism that provides much needed support to local performing artists enabling them to further their creative endeavors.