Our new show, "A Fistful of Tango" will premier on July 9 at Pioneer Farms. Join us for a night of dancing, live music, wine drinking and laughs on the silver screen.  More information and tickets available HERE.             

We are so pleased that National Public Radio chose to cover our recent release,
"Texas Workforce Commission Hold Music". 
Listen to the NPR story HERE.  
Purchase the album HERE.
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Montopolis combines original music with film and live narration to produce critically acclaimed, audience-engaging performances.

"a night of beautiful chamber music, but with electric guitar and the twang of pedal steel giving a Texas kick to the keys and strings."   

Texas Monthly

"a multimedia love letter to the Texas coast, with voices and images from the Gulf set to an original score" 

NPR, Texas Standard

"The group can create forceful sounding songs that have a bit of rock ‘n roll snarl, but it is also capable of mournful classical sounding pieces ... the group’s range of expression is striking." 

The Houston Chronicle 

" A Prairie Home Companion with a Texas twist, this program from Indie classical group Montopolis tells the stories and myths of our rugged state."