Tickets to The Legend of Big Bend at the Bob Bullock History Museum on Friday February 8 are now available.  



Montopolis turns west Texas tales into song in this concert premier inspired by Big Bend National Park. The performance weaves science, history, poetry and personal stories into music inspired by the land and the people that have walked upon it.  Music and story are accompanied by breathtaking video that captures the epic grandeur of the vast high desert wilderness.        

"By highlighting instruments not typically associated with contemporary classical music, Sherburn and his collective have created a perfect soundtrack for the movie playing out your car window on any drive west of San Angelo." 

 - Texas Monthly 

"Though envisioned as a multimedium experience of Southwestern idyllics, the transcendent compositions of Music for Enchanted Rock stand alone."

- Austin Chronicle 


Purchase the new album "Music for Enchanted Rock" on iTUNES 




Previous events

Big Bend Workshop 3

Spider House Ballroom

We will still be collecting stories at this event. Please bring your tall tales from way out west. We want to hear them and put them in the show.


Music for Enchanted Rock CD release

The North Door , 501 Brushy St, Austin



The Hotel Utah, 500 4th St , San Francisco, CA

Montopolis Trio

Stay Gold , Austin

Montopolis Trio is playing at Stay Gold next Wednesday. Steel, cello, and piano. Here's a picture of Liberace's pool.

Music for Enchanted Rock


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Music for Enchanted Rock Album Release Nov 12 at North Door


Montopolis has a uniquely Texan approach to classical ambient music with influences ranging from Bob Wills to Arvo Part.  String trio, pedal steel guitar, and piano are accompanied by Rip Shaub’s landscape photography and the legends of Enchanted Rock.  Composer Justin Sherburn performing with Leigh Mahoney and Sara Nelson (Tosca String Quartet), Alejandro Duque (Austin Symphony), and Bob Hoffnar (Liminal Sound Series).   

“Music for Enchanted Rock” is the latest Montopolis recording to be released by the Wren and Shark record collective. These pieces modulate between expanses of drone and noise sculptures to counterpoint and melody driven songs.  New western themes are slowed to a geologic tempo and wrapped in layers of slowly morphing harmony, paying homage to the mythological and the sacred.