"a night of beautiful chamber music, but with electric guitar and the twang of pedal steel giving a Texas kick to the keys and strings." 
Texas Monthly

"The group can create forceful sounding songs that have a bit of rock ‘n roll snarl, but it is also capable of mournful classical sounding pieces and others that are mysterious and ambient. The group’s range of expression is striking and put to good use on its new “The Legend of Big Bend” album, where violin, viola and cello dance beautifully with a pedal steel guitar." 
The Houston Chronicle

"a multimedia love letter to the Texas coast, with voices and images from the Gulf set to an original score" 
NPR, Texas Standard

"The players in Montopolis have backgrounds ranging from classical to jazz to indie to punk and beyond. Under Sherburn’s direction, their talents combine to create evocative soundscapes transcending the typical concert experience."
The Austin American-Statesman 

"By highlighting instruments not typically associated with contemporary classical music, Sherburn and his collective have created a perfect soundtrack for the movie playing out your car window on any drive west of San Angelo...  the great long-lost collaboration between Ennio Morricone and Phillip Glass that we didn't know we were missing."    
Texas Monthly

"Sherburn counts a day job in Okkervil River, but has made a name for himself with his chamber outfit Montopolis' stunning, hour-long score to the famous 1929 Russian silent. The near-capacity audience at the Alamo South Lamar's 2pm Sunday matinee this past weekend gave the local sextet a well-deserved standing ovation at the conclusion of the film and its accompanying live performance.  This is rich Austin culture with an already storied legacy made even more so by this latest entry. Your summer blockbuster has arrived."  
Austin Chronicle  

"Yakona's visuals are accompanied by, an at times harrowing symphonic score, by Justin Sherburn. His score beautifully builds as the viewers watch the rich rivers history and present conditions."   
Austin Daze   

‎"Justin Sherburn has this show's soundtrack composed and performed to perfection." 
The Austin Chronicle, Troublepuppet Theater's "The Jungle" 

"Underscoring it all is the brilliant music of Justin Sherburn, whose stunning orchestration helps to create a realized world, each small piece showing us another facet to this blood- and dirt-ridden diamond." 
The Examiner, Troublepuppet Theater's "The Jungle" 

"...Imagine the live actors entering into and becoming a part of this animated world as they ride buses, change hairstyles, buy clothes, or do a dozen other different things. Imagine the entire story set to a sublime, often soaring original score by Justin Sherburn..." 
Austin Chronicle, Tongue and Groove Theater's "The Red Balloon"